Focus On Converting Prospects, Not Data Entry

No Accounting Metrics

You won't waste time tracking every potential dollar that comes through.

No Confusing Analytics

Your dashboard is never cluttered with analytics or graphs. It remains sleek and easy to navigate.

No Forecasting or Pipelines

Forecasting requires excessive data entry and distracts you from your primary job: selling.

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Take your sales to the next level

Some text about why this app is super cool and stuff. Maybe how it helps conver prospects into customers. Something like that.


What makes this CRM effective

Robust Search

Search your contacts with any combination of fields as well as omit contacts matching a specified criteria.

Prospecting Activity

Create 'activities' worth points that track your weekly prospecting progress

Contact History

Track each interaction with your prospects and customers.

Recommended Contacts

Not sure who to reach out to today? Let the app recommend prospects based on recent activity.

Map Your Contacts

Plan a trip to visit customers by mapping contacts based on search criteria or distance.

Mobile Friendly

Reference and update your CRM while out visiting prospects.


A quick tour of some of the features